I wanted to express our family's EXTREME THANKS to you, Pat and Alicia on your help with Zach over the off-season. Your efforts and his buy-in led him to realize some pretty lofty personal goals of losing 15 pounds and improving his agility/speed which translated to enhanced confidence and some true on-field success as he was named MIAA B All-Conference this season. Another testament of what the Perform Fit program has helped him accomplish relates to his 60 yard dash speed, which he recently ran at 7.4 seconds after being clocked at 8.2 seconds in a collegiate showcase last August.  Zach really looks forward to and loves working out with you guys!
Howard Loewenberg 

JJ made the Baltimore County All-Star Team for 7/8 thanks to you, Adam, Pat and the rest of the coaches at Perform Fit - TY!!!  He was so excited when his coach announced it last week. 
Donna Wolk
Tim has helped me keep my strength and endurance through a long Major League season. His training techniques are second to none.  I highly recommend Tim Bishop's PerformFit for your sports performance conditioning needs. 
Brian Roberts, Baltimore Orioles

I've been working with Tim Bishop for the past 6 years. His Power Golf Program has helped me increase my driving distance by more than 30 yards. I've consistently out-driven my opponents in my tournament play giving me a greater opportunity to win.
Pat Coyner, Sean Foley Junior Academy, Head Teaching Coach

I have worked with Tim Bishop for more than 5 years. He has helped me play at the Major League level into my forties. I recommend Tim Bishop's PerformFit for athletes of all ages.
Jeff Conine, Marlins / Orioles

Tim Bishop's Power Golf Program has helped me develop that extra distance I needed to compete at the next level. I've also noticed greater balance and stability throughout my swing. This has allowed me to be more consistent each and every round.
Tom Spencer, CBS Sports


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