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Corporate Wellness

Our “next generation” wellness program combines innovation, coaching, and technology to deliver unmatched, sustainable results for employees and companies alike. With healthcare costs soaring and employee wellness declining at a rapid pace, the status quo is becoming an increasingly expensive and inefficient way to do business. We believe there is a better way—and we've proven it servicing leading companies like Fundamental Administrative Services, Kelly and Associates, Maryland Transportation Authority Police, and many other area companies. 

The PerformFit Wellness Difference

Personalization — We begin every interaction with an assessment, ensuring that each employee receives individualized programming and support to achieve their goals.

Engagement — Our interactive tools and expertise are packaged in a way that is simple, actionable and empowering for individuals from all walks of life.

Integration — Our spectrum of products, designed to work with your company's culture, seamlessly integrates the essential components of proactive health.

Experience — PF Wellness delivers an unparalleled track record of achieving results, grounded in science and proven with evidence-based research.

PerformFit’s Next Generation Wellness
On-Site Program

Next Gen Wellness On-Site Program delivers high-touch movement and nutrition content, expertise, and programming, customized for your company's needs and wellness goals. Our world-class coaching and nutrition staff delivers on-site evaluations, workshops, workouts, and lectures to provide your employees with the tools and support they need to kick start their journey to wellness.

Our On-Site Program offerings can be tailored to your company's specific needs, with programming centered on the biggest challenges facing your workforce and delivery mechanisms that fit within your company's culture. We can set up your on-site fitness center to take advantage of the benefits the Next Gen Program has to offer. Whether you want to a start a company-wide fitness challenge, improve the quality of your employees' daily nutrition intake, or increase energy levels for your workforce by implementing best practices for sleep, recovery, and activity throughout the day, a customized Next Gen program can help get you there.

Elements of PerformFit’s On-Site Wellness Program:

  • A company-wide kickoff event to engage and inspire employees to participate in on-site programming.
  • On-site evaluations of your employees' health, utilizing our proprietary evaluative protocols designed to identify high risk for injury and other inhibitors to wellness, vitality, and performance that other evaluations fail to cover.
  • Cultural tools to integrate wellness into the daily fabric of your employees' lives, encouraging them to upgrade their routine in a meaningful way, for instance, by hydrating in a meeting, taking the stairs, making a healthier choice at the cafeteria, or taking a minute to stretch in the middle of a long day at their desk.
  • Digital webinars on relevant mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery topics that allow employees to ask questions of leading PerformFit experts.

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